"Squaring the head of Hermann"

a cube showing the inside of the head of the Arminius Monument. Starring: Arminius aka Hermann der Cherusker.

"Squaring the head" ..

.. is a project looking into the subject 'Varusbattle in 9 AD'.
The Hermannsdenkmal (German for Hermann monument) comemmorates this historical battle.

We took a panoramic image inside the head of this monument and mapped the image on six sides of a cube. This cubefaces were printed and mounted in a large metal frame. The whole cube is 5 x 5 x 6 m. One cubeface is set aside as an entrance.

This website contains more detailed information about the concept, the assembling and some information about the Varusbattle that took place 2000 years ago in northern Germany.

Possibly this panoramic cube is one of the largest builds of it's kind. If you have any information about similar projects I'd be happy to get to know about.

Please send me your comments or suggestions how to improve the project.