Old craftsmanship reborn – cement tiles

They are anything but ordinary off-the-shelf tiles. Cement mosaic tiles occupy a special place in history and embellish todays entrances and living areas with historical charm. The handy, elaborately crafted tiles were made of cement and used in Europe and the Mediterranian of the 19th century. Today, many of them are still in good condition.

This historic flooring is made again in traditional craftsmanship, using natural materials. Many various colors and patterns are available.

High quality tiles create places of cosiness and are both traditional an modern at the same time. Each panel is a unique piece of furniture and offers a unique spatial design with a historic an extraordinary charm.

The use of wall tiles and floor tiles is possible in almost every room. The natural material needs special care. Particularly in wet areas there are aspects which should be taken into consideration in order to obtain a perfect and long-lasting result.

Further information on cement mosaic tiles in the various rooms can be found here.

Cement tiles by VIA
Old craftsmanship reborn – cement tiles

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