The early bird

With the term “decorative articles”, we certainly first of all connect the purpose of these: they are supposed to beautify the living space by their presence.

It is very likely that we are not measuring these accessories in the same way as a popular design furniture with whole decades of popularity and a star designer in his back.

But there are also objects which have a permanent place in these fields and which, apart from the part of the accentuating decor, have a special history.

One of these special mates is the Eames House Bird. A black bird who does not carry his name without reason. In the early 1950s, the wooden bird graced the photographs and rooms of the famous designer Charles Eames and is still standing in the middle of the famous Eames House til today.

Originally conceived as a bird trap at the beginning of the 20th century, the Eames House Bird has now become a well-known designer accessory and embellished many homes and facilities around the world.

Just recently, we were able to convince ourselves of this special “decoration article” personally. As part of our shoot for pro office, the beautiful bird figure gave our set a historical background.

Eames House Bird
Eames House Bird – Reedition by vitra since 2007
The early bird

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