Santa on the truck

Christmas is around the corner

… and the advertising industry has been running relentlessly for many weeks to supply the necessary accessories for the contemplative feast. Chocolate santas reminded us already in September that christmas time is near. So in late summer there has already been taken care of all the necessary Christmas preparations.
But the time of the early anticipation, in which Santa Clause and the refreshingly citron sorbet shared the shopping cart, disappears in no time.

And it’s already December. In the cities lavishly illuminated Christmas markets offer the one or the other hot drink between beeswax candles and engraved breakfast boards. The alleyways are filled with crisp cold air, a variety of fragrances and this song, which has already been heard “last christmas”. Everything is decorated in Christmas garments, and the manufacturers also have pulled their products through the big color pot of treat.

A nice and special marketing highlight stands out every year. And this comes from noone less than the inventor of Santa Claus himself. The Coca Cola Christmas Tour also illuminates the inner cities and streets in 2016, and offers something special this year. On the 20th anniversary, all five showtrucks will be on stage together with stage and program. A really nice Christmas experience for young and old.

Where are the trucks coming next? Get the tour dates here

Santa on the truck

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