From shaby to chic – trendy with chalk paint

Old furniture has a unique charm. They have seen and experienced a lot over time. this historic charme suffers when the color begins to ablate. From a certain degree, peeled paint and unsightly discolorations have exceeded the condition of the “patina” we like. To boost sustainability and to restore the beauty of the old days, a painting with chalk paint brings the furniture back to new beauty.

In contrast to conventional colors, such as acrylic paints, chalk paint conjures a velvety-powdered surface onto the old treasures. That gives them the desired and totally trendy “shabby chic” style.

In addition to the countless methods, tips, instructions and tricks for the use of chalk paint for furniture restoration, chalk paint can be used particularly as a wall paint.

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Chalk paint and a brush
Chalk paint by VIA
From shaby to chic – trendy with chalk paint

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