Heating with system

In this cold season, a warm and comfortable room is a treat and literally contributes to the working atmosphere. We owe this warmth to a heating system, as it would be the case in most households. However, there is not only “the” heating system, but very many. A varied selection of modern technology and increasingly efficient systems. The home builder is faced with important decisions and needs orientation.
Efficiency, ecology, sustainability, costs, amortization … Some factors have to be considered.

We find out how comprehensive the topic of heating is in our work for our customer “Haustechnik Schlichting” from Detmold. The website now offers a comprehensive range of information and provides a lot of information about the individual systems.

An environmentally friendly pellet heater, for example, proves to be particularly ecological. This option keeps our feet warm on cold days by the way. 🙂

Heating with system

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