Mud flat and Bremen – A short trip to the north

The summer temperatures sometimes invite you to holiday. So I went with my better half to the north coast. More precisely, to Wilhelmshaven.

We did not allow ourselves to renew the iodine household for the coming half of the year with a small barefoot excursion. The northern sea had already withdrawn and left mud flat. Far away from guided “rain dress tourist groups” we explored the mud flat on our own, the hot spot of the biodiversity! Up to 10,000 species find their habitat here.

After a few days at various Nordic locations and beaches, as well as various weather conditions, we paid a visit to the Hansestadt Bremen. Blessed by the beauty of the inner city, the Bremen city musicians and the colorful hustle and bustle on a beautiful summer day, the holiday could now be over.

Because East Westphalia is also beautiful.

Mud flat and Bremen – A short trip to the north

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