We enjoy what we do

We attempt to make our work as sustainable and environmentally positive as possible. This is not just our latest enthusiasm, we have been doing this for years.
Not perfect, not dogmatically, without pointing fingers, but with joy and curiosity, as well as we can.
The electricity for our office and our server comes from regenerative sources: there are photovoltaic and solar thermal panels on the roof, while the only company car is purely electric.
The furnace burns pellets.
We travel by train and use a bicycle to get to work, or work in a home office. To reach customers outside of Lippe we take the train – and usually get there on time.
Possibly we are one CO2 neutral company in Lippe?        

Of course, no one is perfect, nothing is, and we certainly don’t think that we are.
But we believe that we can all help – for our customers, for us, for our children.
And for those who are less able or have less. Everyone, as best he can.
We are pleased that we have been able to work on fascinating projects for more than twenty years now.
Every day is a bit different in our work, we are continually learning new things, some things we view with critical eyes, and some we avoid. 
We do what we do with heart and soul, and as well as is possible. 

As do you, and all of us.

Our latest projects “besides” the office:
An orchard with 30 fruit trees,… the first harvest will be in 5-6 years :-)
A five hectare local virgin forest, which produces lots of fresh air.
A couple of beehives in the garden.
Finally learning to speak Spanish.
Various kinds of music.