Media and Texts


Texts are. Language is. Words are heard and read.

It is possible that in the era of Instagram and Twitter the culture of text is changing radically.

A text must always be oriented to the individual purpose and the intended readers. A short bite of information in a news block, a tweet or a PM, or a detailed explanation of a complex technical subject.

We assist with text where it will be helpful for our customers. We immerse ourselves in the material, view the subject from the customer’s perspective, and from the perspective of our customer’s customers.

And it is true that texts are also passionately “read” and analyzed by robots and search engines. We also write for this audience.


Photography is a passion. Is there a more interesting viewpoint, a somewhat different light, a half f-stop, a somewhat different white balance? Photography is an art, and at the same time photographs in the past 20 years, since the all-conquering digital techniques have arrived and resulted in a never ending flood of pictures, have acquired half-lives measured in fractions of a second in social media.

In spite of all this there is still THAT PICTURE. It stands out from the crowd, perhaps through the time and place of where it was taken it has become of the focus of attention.

At the same time we will always need good pictures in order to bring across information. A picture implies the content of a text, and together with the text it can convey a message between the lines and arouse a certain feeling. Even pictures which are for simple purposes, to illustrate products, services, premises and events, can appear authentic, unique, appropriate for the purpose, or trivial, cheap, off the shelf, superficial.

We are pleased and proud that in the past years we have been able to contribute pictures to some of our customers’ works.

We are NOT a photo studio, do not do studio photography, but only on location, and usually with the light which is already available.

There are a few niche and specialty areas in photography which have always interested us:

Panorama photography – 360° pictures – virtual tours

For hundreds of years – perhaps since people have been making pictures, they have found panorama views fascinating.

Before there was a cinema or television, there existed large painted 360° views in specially constructed buildings as public attractions.

Some of these historic panoramas may still be viewed today, such as the Mesdag Panorama Museum in Den Haag.

The internet brought interactivity and today panorama tours can be made on Google Street View, and on millions of hotel websites and holiday locations… and every smart phone has a built in panorama function.


Gigapixel is simply a term for 1 billion image points, but has become an expression for very precise photo reproduction. In principle every view on Google Earth is a gigapixel large, which can be continually expanded with many more pictures. This makes very large formats possible for printing purposes. As with so many things in modern photography and computer technology we must worry that the military value is great – for the person with the camera – and potentially destructive for the person portrayed in large format in the viewfinder.

In the end it is only a boring technical value, but for some motives it can be quite attractive, such as the view of the Hermannsdenkmal Gigapixel which was taken back in 2008 with several hundred DSLR photos in Detmold.


Video, such as about products, like USM Haller im pro office Shop.