Content marketing - content with a difference

We can write texts. Relevant, accurate, simple, understandable.
Good texts for people - and for little robots,
who need to be helped across the street.

But is content creation by humans still relevant in times of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT?

At the moment it probably is, ... we asked :-)

While AI and language models can generate text, they do not have the same level of understanding and context as a human author. Humans are able to bring unique perspectives, emotions, and creativity to their text, which can make it more engaging and credible to readers. Humans are also able to check and verify information, which is important for maintaining accuracy and credibility. In certain cases, such as creative writing and storytelling, AI-generated content can lack the emotional impact and nuance that human-generated content can provide. Therefore, human-generated content is still useful in the age of AI and ChatGPT.

Source: ChatGPT, Januar 2023

Do we read and write each other?