Is there still an interesting angle, the slightly different light?
Can it be the system camera, the phone or the DSLR?

Photography is art - and at the same time, in the last 20 years, since the triumph of digital, photographs have become a never-ending flood of images ... in social media with a half-life of fractions of a second.

Nevertheless, there is always THE picture. It stands out from the crowd, is perhaps moved by time and place of the shot in a general focus.

At the same time, we always need good images to convey information appropriately. A picture connotes the content of a text and can work together with the text between the lines and evoke a certain feeling. Even images that are for simple use, to illustrate products, services, premises and circumstances, can be either authentic, unique, appropriate to the application, or inconsequential, incidental ... off the shelf.

We are pleased to have been able to create images for many clients over the years. Mostly photographs, but also 3D, film, VR, panorama and gigapixel.

Gigapixel is simply the name for 1 billion pixels, but it has come to be used as a term for very high resolution images. Ultimately a boring technical value, but for some motifs quite entertaining, for example when viewing the Hermann Monument Gigapixel photographed already in 2008 with several hundred DSLR photos in Detmold.

We are glad to picture your project