Produktvisualisierung in 3D

3D product visualization

In the world of product visualization, the creation of a 3D-rendered scene often proves to be more cost-effective than an elaborate photo shoot. It also often delivers results of outstanding quality. This technique has also proved particularly useful for our customer pro office. Here we create a visualization of chairs, tables, sideboards and other pieces of furniture in a suitable virtual ambience. The result is, for example, a banner that refers to a promotion in the store that includes a specific combination of pieces of furniture. A 3D visualization is also suitable for advertising on social media platforms. This is because the final product does not necessarily have to be in the form of an image, but can also be an animated sequence that is used as an effective advertising video.

The process from conception to completion of the final product is as follows:

  1. The product is transferred to the virtual environment. If a 3D model does not already exist, the product is modeled in detail in 3D software, with realistic textures added if necessary.
  2. The virtual environment is developed. This can be an ordinary environment such as a living room or a public place, but a photo studio with suitable lighting is also an option.
  3. The scene or image is rendered and subjected to subsequent editing.
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